You can be free from poverty, lack and debt!

Welcome to the UK site of Bill McMurdo’s Kingdom Wealth Ministries.

On this site it is our purpose to teach, empower and equip you to learn to break free from poverty, lack and debt – and to walk in prosperity, success and abundance.

Recent gloomy economic statements demonstrate that, in broad terms, people in today’s world are generally not nearly as well off as previous generations. Yes, most of us have the hitec gadgets that are compulsory for life these days but people in this generation are carrying ever-increasing levels of debt. Having a big house and two cars in the driveway is nice as long as it lasts – but if a sudden job loss can throw you into a financial tailspin, your economic wellbeing is on shaky foundations.

Here on this site you will learn how to build a far stronger foundation to your financial life. You will discover that wealth is a spiritual issue and begins within you. You will find out that you have Infinite Supply and that you have already been given access to that Supply.

No matter your financial condition, you can and will prosper by assimilating the teachings on this site!