Your ticket to a better life

In a nutshell, wealth is an inside job. By this, I mean that you prosper from within. If you don’t experience an inner transformation, then you are relying on outside circumstances i.e. luck, a lottery win, a rich relative dying to change your finances for the better.

Sure, these things happen but there is a far better way to become rich and that is to take your financial life in your own hands and prosper by intention. This means you purpose to change your affairs by changing yourself – your thoughts, your speech, your attitude, your habits.

The teaching on this site is both spiritual and scriptural. This means we will show you principles from the Bible that will help propel you to success. If you think that this will involve you becoming religious, don’t panic. This stuff is far from religious. In fact, a lot of religious folks don’t like it because it disturbs their “Poverty is godly” worldview!

The truth is that there are spiritual realities and principles that can either assist or hinder you financially. Your response and reaction to these realities will determine how much you walk in superabundant supply. It stands to reason that if you are someone who cons, chisels, cuts corners and steals, then the universe is going to be tough on you. That is because you reap what you sow – a guiding spiritual law and principle that is in the created order of things.

You have no doubt heard the expression that you reap what you sow but did you know it is in the Bible? Furthermore, are you aware that the expression is in a passage that relates to your financial life?

Don’t get all upset if you are someone who has been a bit fast and loose on the ethics side of things. We are not here to judge you but to help you. On this site you will find practical help and counsel that will transform your financial situation by transforming YOU – and that for the better!!

God wants you rich and not the kind of rich that Jesus cautioned about, where you can gain the whole world and yet lose your own soul in the process. That is the mug’s game you must avoid. You CAN be rich and righteous. You CAN have the glory AND the gold. You CAN become super rich and yet retain your honour, integrity and character.

What you will learn on this website is your ticket to a better life.


Bill McMurdo is a pastor, preacher, writer and lecturer in Biblical Economics. He has authored many books on financial abundance and prosperity. People from all over the world partner with Bill’s ministry and they see breakthroughs in their finances.